Baby Led Weaning: The 1st 2 months

We started Remy on solids right at 6 months old. Right when he started to take food out of my mouth (nobody takes food away from mommy!). We’ve been doing baby led weaning for the most part, i.e. giving Remy whatever we’re eating for dinner, well, whatever is appropriate for a baby. He eats some purees, but quite honestly I can’t stand the look, feel, or taste of purees myself, so I don’t do them. But applesauce and mashed sweet potatoes are the main purees I’ve been able to handle without gagging. We usually load up the spoon and hand it to Remy. Occasionally he gets the spoon into his mouth. I’d say he eats about 1/4 of whatever puree is in front of him. I also keep 4 extra spoons at the table so I can give him a new one when he throws the current spoon on the ground.

Eating Applesauce

Eating Applesauce

Most of Remy’s meals are whatever we’re eating. I don’t salt the food we give Remy, but I do use a fair amount of spices. Remy will lick the spices off of chicken or beef, so I think he likes them. I haven’t tried anything too hot, but I think he appreciates a bit of culinary interest. His favorites are roasted asparagus (it’s mommy and daddy’s favorite, too, we eat it about once or twice a week) and ribs.



This kid loves ribs. He will suck on a rib for 10 minutes. Of course in that 10 minutes he has thrown whatever vegetable I’ve prepared on the floor, much to Marcello’s (the fat chihuahua) disappointment. Marcello is waiting for Remy to toss down the rib.

Rib baby

Rib baby

We haven’t had too many issues with Remy’s eating. He still gags a lot. Gagging, not choking. We haven’t had to really help him at all; it’s pretty hard to watch your baby gagging or moving food around in his mouth and not help. This being said I did take an infant/child CPR and choking class so I know what to do in case of choking, but I don’t feed Remy unless OccDoc is around. Although I think OccDoc is more bothered by the gagging than I am.

Thanksgiving Mess, errr, I mean dinner

Thanksgiving Mess, errr, I mean dinner

Remy joined us at the table for Thanksgiving, but I did request the guests not be too hyper or distracting with him. Remy is still learning how to eat and I don’t want him to get distracted and have a problem.

Doggy helps clean up

Doggy helps clean up

My sister-in-law brought her dog to Thanksgiving (our family usually brings our dogs to all holiday celebrations). Remy had never eaten with a ‘tall’ doggy before and quickly discovered he could coax the dog over to him by holding out a sweet potato covered hand.

It’s going well, but we don’t feed Remy 3 squares a day, we’re nowhere near that. I give him dinner about 5 times a week. He doesn’t actually eat very much and he’s breastfeeding to get almost all of his nutrients and caloric needs. So, yeah, that’s how meals are going around here. How about at your house?

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  1. We do the purees in food pouches. Bennett loves them. I tried making baby food purees once and it took me longer than I thought it would. I’m lazy apparently. We do use the applesauce pouches and stuff and he’ll have like one a day. Mainly we use them when we’re out somewhere.

    He loves to eat what we’re eating. Shredded meat (like, all of it), is his favorite. We have tried spoons but he’d rather just use his hands and pick it up. I call him a garbage truck but there really isn’t a food he dislikes at this point.

  2. We started with tasting purees and mushy foods (banana, avocado) a few times a week at four months old. At six months we started offering food at least once a day. I don’t remember when, but at some point I decided we were going to offer him 3 meals a day. I think that was when my milk supply was waning and I was hoping to avoid having to supplement…but that went out the window anyway. I wouldn’t call them square meals. Since he’s mastered the pincer grasp he much prefers hand-to-mouth over spoon feeding. Mostly he gets chopped up bits of steamed produce and meats…chicken is his favorite. He also likes fish but I don’t make it that often. Breakfast is multi-grain cheerios, yogurt, and some sort of fruit. The other two meals are always up in the air.

  3. I LOVE BLW!! Belle hated/hates being spoon fed so even if I hadn’t planned on doing it from the start we would have been forced to anyway. It’s so nice to be able to sit down all together as a family and eat and not have to fight her with purees and then eat a cold meal myself. She’s a more adventurous eater at 9 months than a lot of adults I know. People will look at you strange in restaurants and her pediatrician, I’m pretty sure, thinks we are a little nuts for not doing purees but I don’t care. Also, my husband gets SUPER nervous when Belle gags too…really freaks him out.

    • The gagging drives me nuts, too, but my husband really freaks out. We took Remy to a sushi place (he just had rice, we didn’t want to waste sushi on him), and everyone was so impressed with the little baby eating ‘sushi’. Our doctor was all for it. She’s read the BLW book, but hasn’t had any patients who have done it (or have told her – I bet).

  4. Love this post so much! Reading it, I kept nodding my head, thinking yup, yup, yup, that’s what we did. I started more with purees as I didn’t know much about BLW until a bit after starting foods and hubby was not into BLW at all and was very terrified of Paxlet gagging/choking. But since hubby was at work during the day, I did BLW (plus puree) anyway and it worked very well for us.

    I made all of Paxlet’s foods at home, except fruits, which are a mixture of homemade and store bought. He refused point-blank and screamed the several times I tried veggie/meat stuff. He was no having it and I don’t blame him, So the foods I made at home were never as pureed as what you would get in the stores. Mashed, very well in the beginning and less as we went on. Even to this day, I keep some prepared in advance foods in the freezer just in case I don’t have enough time to make Paxlet dinner when we get home for work/daycare.

    I’ve only ever had to start to remove him from his chair one or two times when gagging turned to choking and once did I ever get him turned mouth towards the floor. But every single time Paxlet corrected himself. Scary, yes, but it is ok.

    We’ve also taken him to sushi too. :) Yummy stuff!
    Love the pictures!

  5. I LOVE BLW. I credit Penny’s great eating habits on BLW. It was worth it. She gagged a bit, heck she still does, but nothing serious. You’re doing great!