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Post #3 – Keeping Up the Adult Life (December 3)
How do you entertain with house full of kids?
What kind of traditions does your family do during holidays?
How do feed relationships with non-mommy friends?
What do you struggle with the most as a SAHM? What is your best funny/embarrassing/cringeworthy mommy moment?

1. How do I entertain with a house full of kids? Well, my house isn’t really full of kids, but it has been pretty good to entertain in when kids are present. It’s kind of an open plan, so I just put a bunch of toys in the living room and all my mommy friends are close to their kiddos AND the food. Right now with Remy being 8 months old and not too mobile (although he started some sort of zombie crawl/shamble/zigzag thing) it’s working for us. I’m not sure what we’ll do once we have more mobile kids over. To be continued…

2. This year is kind of our tradition setting up year. OccDoc and I are talking a lot about what kind of traditions we had as kids and what we want to do with Remy. We did take him to see Santa, which was a lot of fun. The Santa (in Old Colorado City) was a really nice guy with a real beard. Remy was mesmerized by him, then yanked on his beard. For whatever reason, maybe because Daddy participated in Movemeber/No Shave November, Remy loves facial hair on men. Maybe he likes it on women, too, but Mommy keeps her ‘stache waxed so we just don’t know. We set up our tree and got all the lights on it while Remy was napping one day, so that was pretty neat to have him emerge from his nap and see the tree for the first time. I’m also working on a stocking for Remy. But that’s it so far for what we’re for sure doing.

Oh, hi, Santa

Oh, hi, Santa

3. Oh, yes, about that. I feel like I’m just now getting my feet under me with this whole mommy thing. When I’m with my non-mommy friends I try not to only talk about Remy. I spare them all the gory details of diaper, breastfeeding, sleeping, etc. crap that I could go on about forever with my momma friends. I could do better, however.

4. What do I struggle with? I think I’m struggling with my identity right now. Do I want to put my toe in the work waters again? I’ve been working on a massive sewing project with a tight deadline for a small company and it’s been really awesome in a lot of ways. Awesome monetarily since I’ll be able to pay for all the Christmas gifts we’re buying this year with the money I earn. Well, all the gifts except for OccDoc’s gift – we’re giving each other new windows for a couple of the bedrooms. Oh, we live an exciting life! And the work has been awesome for my self esteem. I know as a SAHM my contributions are invaluable and can’t be compensated with money, but it’s still pretty nice to get a paycheck. I need to stop valuing myself on the amount of money I can generate. It’s quite a mind-shift, but I’m working on it.

As for funny/embarrassing/cringeworthy moments, I really can’t think of anything. I know, that’s lame! I’ll work on being more socially awkward and sharing some moments here. ;)

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  1. I think I struggle with my identity every day! I feel you.