We’re Back

Back to the grind as they say. The cruise was a really fun way to spend the last few days, but now I’m back on land and at work. I feel refreshed (yet bloated). I will provide a recap tomorrow (because they’re actually expecting me to work at work today – can you believe that crap?!). The recap will include about 5 photos since I/we didn’t end up taking a whole bunch of photos. We went to relax, not to go on a photo safari. Plus, how many photos of us lounging on deck chairs do you really want to see?

Unfortunately, I think the lupron I’m on for the IVF cycle is actually making me dizzy. On the boat I thought I was just dizzy from, well, the ocean movement, but I am fairly certain my office is not moving around today. I’ve been on it 10 days now, and, yup, I believe that’s been the source of my dizziness/clumsiness. LOL! It’s good to figure these things out.

About Michelle

I'm Michelle, formerly the annoyed army wife. Join me as transition into the next phase of life:a husband in a white coat and tie instead of ACUs, a home of our own located anywhere we please (that needs a lot of work), and my life as a newish, somewhat crunchy mama. I'm, well, pessimistic about this next phase but with all the sarcasm and sass you've come to know and love.


  1. Welcome back! Can't wait to hear about the cruise!

  2. Welcome back! Glad you were able to relax!

  3. Glad to have you back!

  4. Welcome home! Glad you had fun. Looking forward to the update.

  5. Hope you feel better, and glad you had a good time!

  6. Welcome back from the cruise! Hope the lupron treats you better soon.

    Actually, I have a student who just got back from a cruise for his brother's wedding (tough life, huh?) and he just told me he's dizzy trying to get used to walking on land again! So, maybe the lupron is just adding to that and it will calm down soon.

  7. I am glad you enjoyed your cruise! My dad came home yesterday from a cruise that was plagued by a stomach virus. A lot of the common areas on the ship were closed to stop the spread of the virus.

  8. So glad you had a fun trip! Boo for being dizzy though. Can't wait to see the pictures!

  9. So with 5 photos you'll document the 5 varieties of cocktails you admired thus assisting in your bloatation??? :)

  10. Welcome back! I have a deep void just waiting to be filled with your snark and wit…I think I'm in withdrawal.