Still In It

The fertilization report came today (early this afternoon). One of the eggs was immature and one was mature. The mature one fertilized and it’s still growing, so I guess we’re still in it. Since we just have one little mass of cells growing, we’re going to do a 2 day transfer. OccDoc and I were completely prepared for the ‘Game over’ type of news, so the nurse had to repeat herself on the phone with me.

We still are very much not out of the woods yet, like we’ve just stepped into the woods with this news. But we’re just going to hope the embryo keeps growing and makes it to the transfer. One step at a time. Baby steps, hopefully. Thank you for all the positive vibes and prayers you’ve sent our way.

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I'm Michelle, formerly the annoyed army wife. Join me as transition into the next phase of life:a husband in a white coat and tie instead of ACUs, a home of our own located anywhere we please (that needs a lot of work), and my life as a newish, somewhat crunchy mama. I'm, well, pessimistic about this next phase but with all the sarcasm and sass you've come to know and love.


  1. Congrats on the good news!

  2. Thinking of you and OccDoc! Although I haven't commented much lately, I've been following your journey. You are such a wonderful person and I admire your strength and ability to always make me laugh!

  3. So happy! I'll be praying the good news just keeps coming.

  4. Congratulations! Definitely keep us posted on your transfer date :-)

  5. Good luck on your transfer tomorrow! All it takes is one, right? One stubbornly awesome little embie.

  6. You're egg-zactly right…baby steps! Sorry, couldn't resist that corny joke! So glad to hear your good news and can't wait to continue hearing about your journey!!

  7. Sending good vibes your way!!

  8. Grow embryos, grow!!

  9. yay! if you could see me i'm doing a growing dance for your embryos. lol….no but really- congrats! i'm rooting and praying for you!

  10. Hope you keep hearing good news :)

  11. Fingers crossed and prayers coming!!

  12. Congrats! Definitely crossing fingers and sending lots of good thoughts your way!

  13. That is awesome news!!

  14. Lot's of prayers being sent your way!

  15. Wonderful news! Sending lots and lots of positive thoughts!

  16. GROW EMBABY GROW!!! it only takes one!! I have been and will continue to send positive prayers and thoughts your way!!!

  17. Congrats! My fingers are crossed! :) <33

  18. What awesome news!! I pray that your little loner keeps growing, and nestles in nice and snug!

  19. That is awesome! Congrats :)

  20. Awesome news! IN IT TO WIN IT!

  21. 50% fertilization rate is not too shabby! :) Grow, emby grow!!!!

  22. Thinking of you and your embie!!!

  23. Yay for that one little embryo! May it grow and grow!

  24. Sorry I've been MIA on the commenting, but know I've been lurking and reading and following you every step of the way. I'm saying prayers for your one little growing mass of cells to make it to transfer day, perfectly together. All it takes is one- isn't that what everyone likes to say? : ) Good luck, friend. Thinking about you guys.

  25. Grow baby, grow. I'm sending you lots of good thoughts.