Greetings from the couch! They were able to get 2 eggs out of me. We’re happy, the doctor is happy. They had some difficulty with my deceptively tough and fibrous ovaries, not sure what that’s about, so it’s something to add to my question list. One egg looked really good, the other one they aren’t so sure is totally mature. Today they’ll do ICSI (inject a sperm into the egg) on the eggs they got. The clinic will call tomorrow with the fertilization report letting us know if the eggs were mature and if they fertilized, not all eggs fertilize even with ICSI. Until then, I’m going to enjoy these awesome drugs and my man servant (OccDoc).

About Michelle

I'm Michelle, formerly the annoyed army wife. Join me as transition into the next phase of life:a husband in a white coat and tie instead of ACUs, a home of our own located anywhere we please (that needs a lot of work), and my life as a newish, somewhat crunchy mama. I'm, well, pessimistic about this next phase but with all the sarcasm and sass you've come to know and love.


  1. Good luck!

  2. Can't wait to hear what happens! Rest up :)

  3. Good luck! Get your rest!!!

  4. Good luck!!! ^o^

  5. Two! That's awesome! Hope you're being pampered! :)

  6. I know that's what you were shooting for… so YAY! Great job on the growing! Hope your recovery goes well… as does the fertilization :)

  7. Yay!! Enjoy getting pampered! I'm hoping for twins!! Hugs!

  8. Congrats!!! Rest up!

  9. Good luck!

  10. That's great news! Good luck!!!!

  11. Crossing my fingers and praying!!

  12. YAY fingers crossed!

  13. When you said the second egg wasn't mature enough yet, I couldn't help but think of those Cheez-It commercials where they are waiting for the cheese to mature.

    “Is that a good check or a bad check?” (hangs head) “It's a bad check…” tee hee

  14. Good Luck!!

  15. Good luck!!! :)

  16. Good luck! Enjoy your drugs while you still can! :)

  17. Yea yea yea!!

  18. Awesome! Good to hear :)

  19. Good luck!!

  20. Yay for 2! Good luck and enjoy those drugs!

  21. LOL, enjoy that man-servant! Glad they managed to get 2 eggs for you – fingers crossed now!!

  22. Yay for 2 eggs!! Enjoy the drugs and the servant and here's hoping for an awesome fert report!

  23. Best wishes my dear!